Our shop offers this product lines:

  • Enttex - Unplug your ears and relief for Meniere's Disease. Made in Germany.
  • Aseptix - Innovative Disinfection solutions, fast, secure and effective. Made in the Netherlands.
  • Clean Kill - Save and userfriendly Insecticides. Made in Switzerland.
  • Sinnenwohl | Dr. Gümbel. Made in France.

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Enttex for Meniere's Disease


Pressure-Pulse-Therapy devices for blocked ears while flying, diving or hiking and

Meniere´s Disease symptoms.

Shipping worldwide.

Aseptix Disinfection

Aseptix - Ultra fast and safe Disinfectants

Hydrogen peroxide based cleanerdisinfectants and skin disinfectants.

Shipping within Germany.

Clean Kill Insecticide

Clean_Kill-k200CLEAN KILL - Insecticide

With a broad-spectrum of insecticidal, insect repellent and miticidal activity.

Shipping within Germany and Europe.