Aquatool Diving Tools

12/15/2011 - Aquatool Diving Tools



provided to us, we will implement as a manufacturer in the act. No wish is left open.
and freedom of movement for you are the guiding principles for all AQUATOOL products like individually usable connections and security elements. All items of equipment are always at hand, tucked close to the body, fully usable and guarantee full freedom of movement of the arms.

in selecting the tools to beat each diver's heart. All Aquatools can be combined.

has top priority. All S-fabric straps have a retro reflective Scotchlite weaving.

the material is also very important. Bands are therefore made ​​only from high-quality polyimide are extremely tear-resistant, chlorine, salt and UV-resistant.

must deliver what they promise. Aluminum carabiners are made from a special lightweight aluminum alloy and are characterized by a high tensile strength of 6000 kg/cm2. Stainless carabiners are made ​​of a high chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy, and therefore offer the best protection against corrosion caused by salt water.