Dr. Gümbel Aromatic Plant Care ROOT CARE

Dr. Gümbel Aromatic Plant Care ROOT CARE

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100 ml = 39.80 €

Dr. Gümbel Aromatic Plant Care ROOT CARE Concentrate  50ml (for 50 liters of ready to use root care )

 The ROOT CARE promotes root functions of nutrient and water uptake by the hair root system, and the root exudates to promote soil life and soil structure, which also improves the absorption of nutrients.

1 ml ROOT CARE (20 drops) is diluted with 1 liter of irrigation water and applied 1x per week to the plant soil.

Dillute 1ml with 1 liter water (1:1000).

Experience has shown that the effect of leaf and flower care increases significantly when they are combined with the root care.

The Aromatic Plant Care  by Dr. Gümbel was honored in 1993 with the large gold medal of the Minister for the Environment in Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia for an outstanding performance for environmental horticulture.

Defense of plants listed BLV No.  LSN 025069-00/00.


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