CLEAN KILL Extra Insecticide

CLEAN KILL Extra Insecticide

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Based on three different active ingredients, two of which are micro-encapsulated. The micro capsules firmly hold the active ingredient until sprayed onto a surface. Upon drying the pores of the micro-capsules slowly open up and the contents diffuses onto the surface releasing the substance over time. Micro-capsules are tiny little beads that measure a few 1/1000 mm not visible by the human eye. This concept makes CLEAN KILL EXTRA one of the most sophisticated and effective insecticides available worldwide.

Insects and pests can be sprayed directly. May be applied preventatively on brick, plaster, gypsum board, concrete, wooden window and door frames, floors, corners, joints, cracks, empty spaces, plumbing, moist areas, basement entrances, light shafts.

Leaves visible residue on textiles and glass.




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