CLEAN KILL original Insecticide

CLEAN KILL original Insecticide

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1 l = 26.53 €


A new insecticidal formulation with very low oral, dermal and inhalation toxicity, no skin irritation on the one hand, and a broad-spectrum of insecticidal, insect repellent and miticidal activities on the other.

It deserves therefore a very broad range of applications in homes, as a pesticide on plants indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, and as hygiene insecticide in households, industrial and trade facilities, restaurants, public buildings, hospitals, zoos, and others.

Insects and pests can be sprayed directly. May be applied preventatively on brick, plaster, gypsum board, concrete, wooden window and door frames, floors, corners, joints, cracks, empty spaces, plumbing, moist areas, basement entrances, light shafts. Caution: leaves visible residue on textiles and glass.




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CLEAN KILL Extra Insecticide CLEAN KILL Extra Insecticide
for application outdoor
14.95 *
1 l = 39.87 €
Clean Kill Soft Gel Insecticide 375ml Clean Kill Soft Gel Insecticide 375ml
for porous surfaces
9.95 *
1 l = 26.53 €
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