Enttex has developed the patented P100 and N300 which are based on Pressure-Pulse-Therapy.

Our devices can help people with various ear-related problems!


P100: Relief of Meniere´s Disease symptoms. Take control of your balance!

N300: No more blocked ear while flying, diving or hiking!



Enttex for Meniere's Disease

12/15/2011 - Enttex for Meniere's Disease

Enttex developer and manufacturer of N300 and P100 for Meniere's disease, using Pressure-Pulse-Therapy.

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Product no.: P100

P100 - Successful relief of symptoms associated with Meniere like vertigo associated with hearing loss, tinnitus etc.

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Product no.: N300

Enttex N300. The ear pressure manager. No more painful ear pressure when flying, scuba diving or mountain climbing!

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