P100 for Meniere's Disease

P100 for Meniere's Disease

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Meniere´s Disease is a disorder of the inner ear that can disturb hearing and balance. The symptoms are attacks of vertigo associated with hearing loss, tinnitus and fullness in the ear. The cause is unknown and to date there is no cure available. Current treatments focus on relief of symptoms such as low pressure pulse therapy.

It has been known that patients with Meniere´s Disease are sensitive to mild negative pressure. Research has shown that exposure to positive pressure can give relief from Meniere´s disease symptoms. This observation has led to positive pressure pulse therapy and the P100 has been designed to deliver these pressures safely via the external ear canal.

The P100 was invented by world-renowned ENT surgeon to give Meniere patients relief at hand.

The P100 has been clinical proven in studies performed in South Africa and Australia.

The P100´s slim design and ease of use allows the user to carry the device in a pocket and apply treatment whenever the need arises for the relief of symptoms. For more information see our P100 brochure.


-       Relief of Meniere´s Disease symptoms

-       No batteries or electronic connection required

-       Clinically proven

-       No prescription needed

-       Non invasive

-       Slim pocket size 


P100 Meniere is shipped with a detailed user manual and ear tips in 3 different sizes (S / M / L).



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